Syringe filters (ReliaPrep™)

ReliaPrep™ Syringe Filters are available in several different membranes and sizes to accommodate a variety of sample matrices for demanding sample preparation and microfiltration applications, such as:

  1. Sample clarification/particulate removal
  2. Filtration of solvents used for chromatography applications
  3. Filtration of biological samples, tissue cultures, proteins and nucleic acids
  4. Sterile filtration and venting

Our syringe filters are offered in a wide variety of membranes, pore sizes, diameters and connections.

  1. High lot-to-lot reliability and reproducibility for consistent filtration quality
  2. Ultra-pure production facility in Germany according to the highest quality standards
  3. Sterile packaging available for CA and PES ReliaPrep™
  4. Transparent syringe filter housing for full visual control
  5. High quality housing construction and welding to prevent any leaking