Extraction Thimbles

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers high purity extraction thimbles in cellulose for Soxhlet extractions, and in glass and quartz for the analysis of environmental pollution.  

Cellulose thimbles are high quality sample reservoirs for quality control, research and analytical applications, where solvent extraction of solids and semi-solids must be carried out. The use of a Soxhlet extractor provides a safe method of extraction with toxic and other noxious solvents. Ahlstrom-Munksjö high purity cellulose extraction thimbles are recommended for applications, including:

  1. Determination of fats in food
  2. Analysis of lacquer and binder in paints
  3. Vitamin A and carotene extractions
  4. Extraction of organic compounds from reaction mixtures
  5. Polymer determination in the polymer industry
  6. Quality management of components

Micro-glass fiber thimbles are a convenient tool for the separation of aerosol droplets and condensate from gases for applications, including:

  1. Sampling dust particles and aerosols from gaseous streams
  2. Soxhlet extractions requiring solvents too aggressive for cellulose thimbles

Micro-quartz fiber thimbles meet the highest purity requirements due to the lowest possible heavy metal content. Applications include:

  1. Emission testing in high-temperature environments
  2. Testing acidic gases not compatible with micro-glass fiber thimbles