Qualitative Filter Papers

Qualitative filter papers are often used in routine separation work that requires high purity and consistent performance.

These filter papers cover a wide range of laboratory applications, such as: liquid clarification, qualitative analytical separation for precipitates and buffer filtration, soil analysis, and food and beverage testing.

  1. Low ash content
  2. High content of alpha-cellulose providing high purity
  3. Circles, folded filter and sheets forms with various sizes are available
  4. Custom cuts available
  5. Standard Grades (Non Wet-Strenthened)
  6. Standard qualitative filter papers are suitable for quadrant folded or gravity flow applications.
  7. Wet-Strengthened Grades
  8. Grades containing a reinforcement agent that increases their resistance to rupture when wet, such as in vacuum filtration, and they resistance when filtering acidic solutions.